The card appears…

The opinion card was first pilotted by my friend and colleague Sam Miles when we were student officers together at Exeter University Students’ Guild.  It came into existence because I’m apparently a stubborn, outspoken and sometimes annoying arbiter of political views that tend to rear their ugly head more often than not.

During a meeting, if Sam anticipated that I was about to espouse said opinion, usually by my face phasing into vermillion, or knuckles turning white, the card would appear in Sam’s hand followed by a cheeky grin and accompanied by squawks of delight by others present.  Not in anticipation of the opinion, but of my reaction to the card.  Bloody bullies.  Usually this would deflate my vitriolic furore/righteous indignation, but oft to the dismay of those in the room the opinion would still flow freely, tempered with the knowledge that outright raging sarcasm or demands for the impossible would probably go down like a pint of dead snails.

Sometimes this produced some sense.  It’s with this in mind I write this blog.


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