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Crafty Nick-head merks whole country

I read the news today, oh boy.  10,000 holes in Cleggs integrity… and though the holes weren’t very small, I couldn’t count them all…  Now we know how many holes it takes to get him in whitehaaall.  In a week when students were said to be childish, unprofessional and ungrateful, riotous arsonists, the only fumes they’re choking on are those from the smoke of Nick Clegg’s pants on fire.

The Guardian has published news that the liberal democrats had, pre-election, decided that their party-wide, lifelong, democratically endorsed pledge toward free higher education funding was not only destined for the scrap-heap, but an easy sacrificial lamb.

All in secret, this was spearheaded by Nick Clegg, who in video after video stated that the liberal democrats would never, ever, ever break their promises to the electorate – it was after all a time for a new frontier of honest politics and responsibilities to democratic election shouldered with pride; even if uncomfortable.   He would take the strain like Atlas, carrying the world on his shoulders for us all – a man to unite the people, a shining example of hope for the hopeless.

After making these secret agreements to break the pledge against fees one particular video, in retrospect, makes me feel furious bile urge its way throughout my entire system.  He sent a personal video to the NUS conference, outlining how damning and disgusting the idea of raising fees was.  To the crowd in attendance this was the equivalent of Gandalf smacking his staff on the ground and bellowing “NONE SHALL PASS!” at the pro-fees posse.

Clegg clenches his teeth for a photo before running off to the loo to wipe his botty on a pledge he never intended to keep

Picture the scene: a hush falls over 1000+ students – representing 7,000,000 – eager to see if one political leader in a generation would have the guts to say “hey you know what, for once we’re going to be on YOUR side”… and he did.  Imagine the elation and hope.  Probably the lib-dem best ever recruitment day.  What they didn’t know is that he had his fingers crossed, like one of the snivelling bullies at school that swear blind they’ve not seen your pencil case, when in fact they’ve pissed in it and put it in the bag of the girl you fancy.  I imagine.

How DARE someone take place amongst those who are supposed to be devoted to this country and its people who doesn’t believe in the latter, or indeed patronises them so much as to send videos of himself to their kids and future graduates promising them sweeties when he’s actually going to feed them a shit sandwich.

How DARE he parade around University campuses willy-nilly garnering the trust of those who aren’t so used to government betrayal and will now no longer trust a politician for a very long time – if at all?  Those record figures for young turn-out are long gone now.

Lastly, how DARE he keep a straight face and lecture in Parliament on Wednesday about Phil Woolas lying to his electorate, when he put not only himself but his ENTIRE PARTY into exactly the same hot seat(s)?? No wonder he stammered a bit, it must be hard to gargle the bullshit whilst you’re shafting the nation.

I believe in democracy, I believe in accountability and most of all I believe that we need to be able to remove MP’s who have not only lied, but conscientiously made an effort to lie and withheld their policy from us to steal election seats from other people.  Time to get this Machiavellian monstrosity out of our lives, using the right to recall.

So Nick, now that we all know you’re a cheat and confidence trickster, how are you going to lie your way out of this sticky situation?  If the right to recall policy doesn’t go through Parliament because of last-ditch attempts to save yourself from an absolute rinseout next election, you’re in serious trouble.  Talk about your catch 22.

With some reservation I ask: could it bring down Government?